Music coming soon.

II like dualisms.  And it dawned on me that there was one in the name “Spiralcity” which seems to speak both for life itself, for humans specifically the creative spirit, and also for the knowledge, materials and technology we use to build and modify our homes, networks and cities, the “clay” we use to model the world.  Spiralcity is the author of the sounds featured on this page.

I started this project in hopes of networking with other likeminded creative people.  This is not my profession, rather it is what I refer to as a necessary hobby.  It would not be an overstatement to say that at sometimes pivotal and challenging times in the past, music has saved my life.

But I am not a musician, nor a singer, not a sound engineer by any formal definition.  Nor do I have any preconceived notions of success in the music business as it is commonly known.  I am just a fan.

My life is rich beyond compare because of the people in it, good health, and the balance I am afforded to create things when time permits, and when the muses call.  Balance is a key to my own happiness, and beneficial I believe to any creative pursuit.